Zo moet het!

Public Communications Strategiesuit California, heeft  de spijker op de kop geslagen. Dit is een goede start!


Step 1. Define the communication campaign goal effectively:

  • Identify the larger goal
  • Determine which part of the larger goal could be met by a communication campaign
  • Describe the specific objectives of the campaign; integrate these into a plan

Step 2. Define the intended audience effectively:

  • Identify the group to whom you want to communicate your message
  • Consider identifying subgroups to whom you could tailor your message
  • Learn as much as possible about the intended audience; add information about beliefs, current actions,
    and social and physical environment to demographic information

Step 3. Create messages effectively:

  • Brainstorm messages that fit with the communication campaign goal and the intended audience(s)
  • Identify channels and sources that are considered credible and influential by the intended audience(s)
  • Consider the best times to reach the audience(s) and prepare messages accordingly
  • Select a few messages and plan to pretest them

Step 4. Pre-test and revise messages and materials effectively:

  • Select pre-testing methods that fit the campaign’s budget and timeline
  • Pre-test messages and materials with people who share the attributes of the intended audience(s)
  • Take the time to revise messages and materials based upon pre-testing findings

Step 5. Implement the campaign effectively:

  • Follow the plans you developed at the beginning of the campaign
  • Communicate with partners and the media as necessary to ensure the campaign runs smoothly
  • Begin evaluating the campaign plan and processes as soon as the campaign is implemented